Oil and Gas Procurement in the UK

At Naas, we have a fantastic integrated supply chain system. Our highly trained engineers and Oil and Gas procurement team will ensure you will experience a structured and professional approach to your procurement needs. We constantly strive for innovation in delivering smarter service and in response to your oil and gas procurement requirements.


Your enquiry will be reviewed carefully by our experienced technical Oil and Gas engineers. It will be handled by an extensive network of global suppliers and manufacturers. We are currently suppliers of many renowned manufacturers such as Wika InstrumentsEmerson Process Management,  JFE Steel CorporationCameron ValvesArcoSiemensFlexitallic and many other renowned suppliers on the ‘approved list’ of many oil and gas corporations worldwide.


Our company has always been centred on providing the most flexible and customer orientated procurement supply chain services.  We have a great relationship with varied renowned logistic companies around the world to ensure your procurement purchasing will be simplified. Our team will be in constant communication with you from receiving the procurement enquiry until the completion of the order, get a quote today!


Our procurement process