5 Reasons Why YOU Should Use a Procurement Company


As technology evolves, many products are available for you to source from all over the world. However, when sourcing products from overseas companies, there are many challenges you might face, maybe you are unaware of the tariff codes, shipping arrangements or perhaps you are not confident in sourcing products from overseas companies?

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a procurement company

oil and gad procurement companies in the UK.

1. Your Desired Products Are Not Available Within Your Country

Have you ever encountered this situation where the products you want are out of stock and will not be available for another month? Or there is a shutdown valve that you urgently need but cannot source it from within your country?

When outsourcing your procurement needs to a procurement company, they will help you locate the exact product you need from either overseas, or alternatively, they might even help you identify an alternative product that will provide a better solution to your problem.


At NAAS, our procurement experts have a collective experience of close to 100 years in the oil and gas industry. We are confident in quoting any oil and gas procurement enquiries and will do our best to simplify your global procurement needs. Did you know, our response rate in 2017 was 100%, with a high customer satisfaction rate of 97%.



2. Tremendously Time Saving

Does it take you hours and hours to search for a product that you need and when you find it, it’s almost close to business closing hours? How about the times when your supplier just takes forever to come back to you with a valid quote?


We understand! So when you give a procurement company a list of what product you need, procurement companies will always aim to provide their clients a quote in the timeliest manner possible and with a cost-efficient price.


At NAAS, we aim to consistently provide a response rate of 100%. Our experienced oil and gas procurement experts always aim to provide a quote in the quick and professional manner.   When you outsource your oil and gas procurement work not only saves you a tremendous amount of time, also you can now put in more energy in working in your business.



3. Time Efficient Procurement Logistics

Have you ever sourced your product from overseas and are constantly worrying about whether if your product will be shipped to you? Or the times you have been waiting for 2 months for a product to come through? And you have no idea what all the tariff codes and taxes are about?


Getting your product from the manufacturer/supplier to your doorstep is just one email away with procurement companies. Since usually procurement companies are partners with many internationally renowned logistics companies, such as DHL, UPS, and many independent global logistics companies.


NAAS has been working with DHL, Royal Mail, DPD and many independent logistic companies from all over the world. Our procurement experts have been working closely with these logistic companies for the past 20 years, this ensures our credibility and our clients usually have faster logistic quotes than any of our competitors. We fully understand speed to getting your products is key in today’s competitive business environment. Therefore, we will ensure you will not only get the quickest logistic solution but also the cheapest.

4. Competitive Pricing

Quite often, the number one reason why most companies outsource their oil and gas procurement enquiries to a procurement company is because… procurement companies usually find the most competitive pricing for their clients. Have you ever just come across a product that you have been searching for hours but it is expensive. Most of the time, you are required to have an account with the manufacturer or suppliers, and sometimes the quote you get from suppliers can be painfully expensive and not competitive.


Procurement companies usually have the best connections with many renowned industrial companies, therefore, they will usually be able to secure the best deals for the product that you are looking for.


At NAAS, we have an extensive network of contacts for the renowned brands across the globe, some of the renowned companies we are currently partners with are Emerson Process management (including Rosemount, Fisher, Asco, Bettis and more), Ashcroft, Cameron, Carrier, Wika instrument, Caterpillar, Finning, Siemens and many more…


With our experience in the oil and gas industry and multi-lingual staff, we are able to source any oil and gas products from across the globe.


5. Saving Cost on a Long-Term Basis

When you outsource your purchasing needs to an excellent procurement company, what you will expect is for you to save cost on a long-term basis. Not only just time but your precious energy and money.


Contact our friendly experts at NAAS today and get a quote for any of your oil and gas procurement needs @sales@naasuk.com or alternatively @export@procurment.com

Wika Instrument

UK WIKA Instrument Supplier – NAAS Corporation Ltd

Contact NAAS today for a quick Wika quotation @ export@naasuk.com or procurement@naasuk.com

Who are we?

NAAS Corporation Limited is a renowned international British procurement company.

As a procurement corporation, we supply a wide range of instruments products. From pressure gauges to flow meters. Our procurement specialist will aim to give quotations in a timely manner – ensuring most competitive pricing and delivery terms.


Wika Instruments Supplier

Whether you need OEM Wika instrument products or made to order. As a supplier, we will provide the most competitive quote for you.


Siemens Electric Products
  • Pressure – Process transmitter, Digital gauge
  • Temperature – Thermocouples, Thermometers
  • Level – Switch, Display, and transmitter
  • Flow – Element, switches, and sensors
  • Force and more

wika instrument gauges










Should you request any technical details, please send us an email and we will do our best to come back to you.


Supply Capabilities

We are procurement experts and supplier in the UK that can ship worldwide. We mainly stock the Oil & Gas Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa but we are happy to procure for anywhere in the world.

To make NAAS your supplier, email us: export@naasuk.com or procurement@naasuk.com